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Assistant Restaurant Mgr

Assistant Restaurant Manager

The Job

I am an assistant restaurant manager at Lakeside and I have worked at Fridayís for over a year. I help run the restaurant, making sure that the guests and our team members are happy and being well looked after.

The Support

My GM will always take the time to go through things with me. Itís never too much trouble. Itís almost as if he enjoys doing that and heís very, very supportive. I enjoy challenges and I feel that the support network within TGIFridayís would allow me not to fall flat on my face.

I donít think you can beat TGIFridayís training. Itís ongoing. It sets you up for what you need to know and you can improve from there. The management training programme is fantastic. You go in knowing hardly anything of what you should do. They take everything back to basics and train you up and itís very clear whatís expected of you. You donít have to worry about failing.

Our MD comes to all the conferences, she involves herself, she knows everybody by name and sheís just very inspiring. We went to Portugal for a conference in January Ė she was dancing Ė you just donít get that from managing directors.

The Perks

We receive great bonuses based on our performance and we are also treated to fun days out and amazing team nights out! I have also had the opportunity to travel with Fridayís. All of the managers were taken to Portugal for a conference in January and, whilst we were there, we got treated to a big night out Ėfree bar included!

Itís a crazy thing to be able to say I love my job. I love the people I work with, I love the guests, I love the fact that itís always a new challengeÖ itís more than what I expected.

The Top Tip

Donít stress yourself over the little things because you have the support network there. Donít worry about asking for help. Concentrate on keeping your team members and guests happy.
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Assistant Restaurant Manager


Assistant Restaurant Manager

Assistant Restaurant Manager

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Assistant Restaurant Manager


Assistant Restaurant Manager