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Watford Carols

by Hannah - Manager, Watford | 01 December 2013
Well I've had a bash at the Fridays version of one of the Christmas carols...
Complete with Video this time...with a twist

To the tune of 'Silent Night'
Slient night! Fridays night!
All is calm, then what a sight,
hundreds of covers walk through the front door,
Places people, lets get to the floor
Aaaaces iiiiinnnn their plaaaaaces,
aaaacces innnnn their plaaaacessss.

Silent night! Fridays night!
dub dubs beem, at the sight,
of the hosts bringin' the guests in,
buzzing atmosphere, cant here a pin.
Friiiidays the plaaaace to beeeee
friiiidays theeee plaaaace tooo beeee

Silent night, Fridays night.
meals arrive, is all alright?
Birthday songs sung with style and grace
fond farewells with a smile on their face
Merrrry Friiiidays Chriiiissstmaaass
Merry friiiddaaaayss chriiismassssss!!
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